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The Directorate of Technical Education ensures a planned development of technical education in the state consistent with the policies of State and the Nation. The department is committed to provide need based, quality technical education and professional human resources to the industry, business and community. The Department manages 81 government, 44 aided and 170 private polytechnics, 11 govt Engineering Colleges and 6 Junior Technical Schools.

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Diploma Admission 2017-18 Portal

Diploma Admission 2017-18 new

Register for Life skills training

Thoughts of Inspiration of Sir. M. Vishveshvaraiah.


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Nominees for Rajyothsava awards

Extention of 6 th pay commission term

Selection of Technician Apprentices by BHEL

Submit the list of officers/staff retiring between 01-07-18 to 30-06-19

Various Exam Board members meeting for Nov/Dec 17 exams

Staff on Nov/Dec17 exam work


Post continuation order of Govt. polytechnics started before 2007-08

Schedule-07 of colleges for On-line interactive classes

Organise Swachhata hi seva program

Swachhata fortnight celebration from 01-10-17 to 15-10-17

Link for indent of exam stationary

Information on Aided staff pension

Committee for DCE(General) and DCE(Draftsmanship) syllabus comparative study

Question paper indent for Nov/Dec17 exams2017

Deputing officers for continued document vrification of ME,MBA at KEA

NBA team visit to LVP Hassan

Details to submit to get grant in aid for private polytechnics started during 1987-1995

Laptops to engineering and polytechnic students admitted in the academic year 2017-18

Quotations invited for Xerox papers for office use

Permission for Rise in course intake at STTFP,Dharawad and SLJP,Gokak

Admission Approval notification and dates for Private Polytechnics for 17-18

Admission Approval notification and dates for Govt & Aided Polytechnics for 17-18

Schedule-06 of colleges for On-line interactive classes

List of CDTP Scheme Implementing Polytechnics submitted UC's,SOA and PAR for 2016-17

Result analysis of April/May2017 exams and guidelines

Enter result analysis of Govt/Aided Polytechnics( below 50% )

Enter result analysis of Private polytechnics (below 50%)

On-line interactive program of Vice-Chairman AICTE on 15-09-17

41st State Level Interpolytechnic Sports meet

GPF Interest

Computer Literacy Test ammendment rules, 2017

medical Attendance ammendment rules,2017

Documents to send regarding students scholarship for 2017-18

On-Line Interactive program by Vice Chairman AICTE on 15-09-17

Traininings on FOSS under Spoken Tutorials project in Engineering colleges and polytechnics

Post metric and Merit-Cum Scholarship for students belonging to minority communities for 2017-18

Depute staff for STTP on FDP-114 to 119

CDTP grants release to polytechnics

Depute NSS volunteers for RD parade

Real Estate ( regulation and development) Act 2017

Walk in Interview for Engineering graduates and diploma holders at CPC Polytechnic Mysore on 14-09-17

Exam remuneration through RTGS/NEFT for staff

Details of medical bills from 2011-12 to 2016-17

Send Details of staff who have taken skill development training under CDTP

Link to enter the training details

Visit of research scholars from Germany to various polytechnics

Schedule-05 of colleges for On-line interactive classes

List of Lecturers to attend in BTE

CS/CO/DCS to attend BTE on 14-09-17

Permission for Mining Engineering course at Sayikrishna Polytechnic KGF

New-Staff undergone skill development training in Govt/Aided Engineering and polytechnics to Registar in web portal

Consider kannada medium candidates in employment

Attendance certificate

One year apprentice training for engineering graduates and diploma holders

Skill development registration in web portal

Use Sakala Portal for all Sakala services

To participate in 79th Jeeva Loka programme

Lecturers to attend before BTE

Depute staff for STTP on FDP-103 to 113

Lecture by FORCE Academy in Technical Institutions in HK region

To display messages on account of teachers day

Information to be given to AG's

Sanctioned Intake for Sandur Polytechnic

Implementation of CMKKY in all Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges

Regarding identifying land for 25 new polytechnic colleges

NSS adventure camp at Virajpet

Nov/Dec2017 exam work regarding

Depute NSS volunteers for Rally for River program

Computer/Motorcycle purchase advance approval

STTP on FDP-79 postponed

Send Statistics of SC/ST/OBC first year 2017-18 students studying in Govt & Aided Engineering colleges

Schedule of colleges for On-line interactive classes

STTP on FDP-79 to 110

Maximum period for completing diploma course for C -09 syllabus.

Circular on Grant release for the construction of women's hostel

Grant release for the construction of women's hostel

06 scholarships schemes to disabled students by central government

Permission to attend document verification for full time/ part time M.Tech/M.E higher education

To settle scholarships balance details during admission approval to the institutes

Deputing Officers for documents verification of MBA, MCA, ME/MTech courses at KEA -3

Deputing Officers for documents verification of MBA, MCA, ME/MTech courses at KEA -2

Deputing Officers for documents verification of MBA, MCA, ME/MTech courses at KEA -1

GO on sanctioned Intake for Polytechnics

Release of NBA Programme fee for 2 GPT's

Salary Release order of SGES Rural polytechnic , Tarihal for the month June 2017

Schedule of colleges for On-line interactive classes

Upload 2017-18 admitted students list

Permission to attend Nov/Dec17 exams for non equivalence C-03subjects

Fill the college details Compulsorily for Interactive Classes

Swaccta essay and Film Competitions

Promoting Menstrual Health of adolescent girls

Admission approval and state govt. recognition for various aided polytechnics for 2017-18

Clarifications by AICTE

STTP on FDP-96 to 100

Calendar of events of Nov/Dce 2017 Exams

Annual Administration Report 2016-17

Govt,Aided & Pvt polytechnics to download admission approval ledger for the year 2017-18

National Startup Policy Summit-2017

Special officers to start new govenment. polytechnics

Board meeting for Nov/Dec2017 exams

Member added to Women's grivences redressal committee

On-line interactive classes Schedule

Urgent-All Govt/Aided Engineering colleges and polytechnics to fill AICTE Approval process feedback(send request to dteupload@gmail.com if mail is not received)

Admission Approval notification & dates For Management & Comed-k seats in engineering colleges

Revised calender of events for the Academic year 2017-18

STTP on FDP-90 to 93 at NITTTR, Chennai

NBA team visit to CPC Mysore

NSS officers training

NSS Adventure camp at Coorg

NSS Adventure camp at Badami

STTP on FDP-102 to FDP-119

Link to register for FDPs

Thoughts of Inspiration of Sir. M. Vishveshvaraiah.

Guidelines to answer for questionaire given by 6th pay commission

Library Science Course Application Date Extension

Sadbhavana day and communal harmony fortnight

STTP on PCB Design and Fabrication at WPT, Bengaluru

To participate in On-line Interactive sessions

UCs of CDTP implementation to MHRD

Information of Aided Employees for 6th pay Commission

Equivalency for C03 subjects in C15

Deputing officers & Lecturers for documents verification of lateral entry BE-4

Deputing Assistant Directors to for documents verification of lateral entry BE-3

Salary Grant release for Aided engineering Colleges

Grant release to Govt Engg & Govt Polytechnic colleges for purschase of Machinary & Equipments for 2017-18 .

Post continuation Order of Govt Engineering Colleges for 2017-18

Regarding EL encashment of Daily wages employees

Provide the list of employees/officers on superannuation.

1 year apprenticeship training for engineering and diploma technicians

Transfer counselling 2017-18-regarding

National Apprenticeship Training Scheme

Action plan 17-by-17 for digital campuses

STTP on FDP-84 to 88

Attest final year marks card of APRIL/May 2017 exams

Admission date extension for government and aided polytechnics

Urgent-Laptops to SC/ST students studying in Govt. Engineering colleges and Polytechnics

Depute volunteers for Yuvajanotsava17-18

CCTV cameras in the colleges

Deputing officers & Lecturers for documents verification of lateral entry BE-1

Deputing officers & Lecturers for documents verification of lateral entry BE-2

Quit India Movement 75years celebration and Late Mahadev Mylara Datti program

NOC for Group- C

Engineering or Polytechnic students who wish to participate in Inter college competation.

Urgent-Laptops to SC/ST students studying in Govt. Engineering colleges and Polytechnics

DTE NOMINEES for 1st year & 2nd year Off line admission in Aided polytechnics

Admission Date Extension for 10th based Diploma for Evening Government

STTP at GPT, Soraba

Prevention of ragging in the hostels and institutions

On-line Interactive live classes

Depute officers for PPP training

2nd quarter grant release for 2017-18

Participants list of STTP on FDP-74 to FDP-80

Framing of new syllabus for Cinematography and sound recording

NOC to Lecturers

Admission date extended for private polytechnics

AG objection for equiipment/furniture purchase

Oath taking on Swachha Bharata pakavada mission

Send missing performance reports

ಉನ್ನತ ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ ಇಲಾಖೆಯ ಕನ್ನಡ ಅನುಷ್ಠಾನ ಪ್ರಗತಿ ಪರಿಶೀಲನಾ ಸಭೆಯ ನಡವಳಿ

Stoppage of part time menials in the department

Holiday declared on account of demise of Ex CM Sri Dharam Singh

2017-18 Defence Scholarships to Engineering students

Fee exemption to SC/ST polytechnic students for 2017-18

Fee exemption to the SC/ST BE/ME students for 2017-18

Scholarship and free education to the children of HIV/Leprosy infected parents

2017 -18 Defence Scholarships to Polytechnic students

Applications invited for SSLC based to Diploma 1st Yr 17-18 through OFF-line Counselling

Applications invited for ITI based to Diploma 2nd Yr 17-18 through OFF-line Counselling

Circular to all Govt & Aided Polys not to Fill SNQ seats through OFF-line Counselling

NOC to lecturers

Stagnation increment to aided institutions

Corrigendum to RTI Authority

2017 April/May exams withheld results decision

2017 April/May exams malpractice enquiry results

Swachha Bharat Pakhavada Mission

NOC to lecturers

EC and ET Departments salary process is held back for deployment of code -HRMS

STTP on FDP-66 to 72 at NITTTR, Chennai

Seat schedule for first year diploma admission for SSLC suplementary students

Indent for Exam Stationery

Click Link for exam stationary indent

Install CC cameras in Exam Hall

Stoppage of part time menials


Provide endorsements with reasons

Kannada exam excemption for differently disabled students

STTP at NITTTR, Chennai and Bengaluru

Link to Register for STTP at NITTTR Chennai and Bangalore

NOC to Lecturers

Life Skills half yearly time table program for Polytechnics and engineering colleges

Submitting report to govt. on Challenge Fund plan

Administration of Fine Arts institutions to collegiate department

Send missing performance reports

List of participants for STTP at DRR Polytechnic ,Davanagere

NOC to Lecturers/system analyst

Admission approval and state govt. recognition for various GPTs for 2017-18

Final casual Admission round-3 for ITI lateral entry

STTP on FDP-59 ರಿಂದ FDP-62

Change in the dates for fees submission for Nov/Dec17 exams

Coducting environmental programs

NSSP 18-07-17 -Meeting Notice

NOC to Lecturers

Notification and application for 2017-18 for SSLC based candidates


List of participants for STTP at BMSCE, Bengaluru

Private Polytechnics admission date extended


Program on inner Engineering with Sadhguru

Life skills and councelling services from 17-07-17

Register for Life Skill Training

Corrigendum to RTI Authority

Rules to be followed for trainings by CCTEK

STTP programs run by CCTEK

List of paticipants for STTP at SJP, Bengaluru

Participating in STTP at SJP ,Bengaluru

April/May 2017 Revaluation results date

Submit sports fund

2,4 & 6 Sem Diploma students Date Extension for Admission,Repeaters in govt & Aided evening polytechnics in 2017-18

Admission approval and state govt. recognition for aided polytechnics in 2017-18

Govt. permission to start SLT polytechnic from 2017-18


STTP at SJ(Govt),polytechnic Bengaluru

STTP on FDP-53 to FDP-58

Forwarding PAR for 2014-14 and SOA, PAR and UC's for 2016-17

Apply for Revaluation after taking photo copy of April/May17 answer paper.

Stationary indent for 2017 November/December exams

Click Link for exam stationary indent

Admission date in evening private polytechnics extended

ನಿರ್ದೇಶನಾಲಯದೊಂದಿಗೆ ಪತ್ರ ವ್ಯವಹಾರವನ್ನು LMS/FMS ತಂತ್ರಾಂಶದ live site ಮೂಲಕ ಮಾಡುವುದು

Seat selection Schedule For ITI Based 3rd sem /2nd year(Through Lateral Entry)diploma for Round 1 & 2 

Library science admission date extended

Release of 3rd instalment towards construction of Womens'hostel

Seat schedule dates for 3rd, 4th and 5th round admission

ಸಂಜೆ ಡಿಪ್ಲೋಮಾ ಪ್ರವೇಶಾವಧಿ ವಿಸ್ತರಣೆ

NBA scorecard format to polytechnics

Submit bank details to credit exam work allowances

BVVS polytechnic, Bagalkot-STTP List of participants

NSS Financial Expenditure and Activities report for 2016-17

Minority status extension to Anjuman Polytechnic, Hubli